One month trip in Prague for 0€!

You have the opurtunity to go on free internship to Prague for one month with your whole class. Not only to gain lot of experience but also to enjoy! It's financed by European Union from Erasmus+. There's no catch in this. Follow these steps bellow and enjoy your stay in Prague!

How to aplly?

There's only few very easy steps to follow to get your free internship.

  1. First you need to fill in the form bellow
  2. After that we'll send you documents for your school.
  3. Show this opurtunity to your head-teacher or principal.
  4. If they agree all they need to do is contact us via email and we'll make it happen.

Just one last thing

Please leave us your details and we'll send you all you need to get your stay in Prague for free.